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Index Returns


The chart compares the average twelve month returns for the 49 volatility control indices (VCIs) first offered in the fixed index annuity arena before December 2016, against the S&P 500 Index using a 32% participation rate for each period, from 2017 to 2021. Since the context is fixed index annuities, periods with negative returns are […]

S&P 500 Index Strategy Analysis

Great American

Registered index-linked annuities from Great American Life Insurance Company allow clients to take advantage of market growth while reducing their risk exposure if the market declines. These solutions offer indexed strategies linked to the S&P 500® index. The following examples compare one-year rolling returns of the S&P 500 price return index (SPX) to registered index-linked […]

Emotions & Financial Decisions


Financial markets are not efficient. The main reason why is because most financial decisions are affected by cognitive biases which often cause less than optimal choices. These biases are reduced a bit by greater intelligence and financial literacy, but this advantage goes out the window when the bias is emotionally driven. Two of most effective […]

Index Summit 6 Return Distribution Analysis

Great American

The Index Summit 6 registered index-linked annuity from Great American Life Insurance Company offers participation in market growth while reducing exposure to loss with a 50% downside participation rate – meaning clients only assume half the loss of downturns. This unique strategy can lead to greater growth potential. Read more to find out how!  CLICK […]

Commonly Overlooked Tax Savings for Financial Professionals


Financial professionals are like many small business owners: They always have taxes in the back of their mind. Of course, as with any profession, it’s important to keep up with the latest industry news — including how ever-evolving tax law affects your business. When it comes to managing and lowering your own firm’s tax situation, […]