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Annual Reset Fixed Index Annuities Reset Annually


Most fixed index annuities calculate index movement for a one year period and then credit interest to the annuity contract by applying a crediting formula to any recognized gain. However, the simplicity of the index annuity structure doesn’t portray the real power of the fixed index annuity story. At the end of October 2017 there […]

The Bear Market’s Coming to Town


(To the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town) You’d better look out Get ready to cry There’s no stopping it Be all set to fly. The bear market’s coming to town. It’s gone down the list And found all the users By this time next year They’ll all look like losers. The bear […]

The Next Year in Annuities


The following chart assumes an index that was up 11% in the first year, down 1% in the second, up 10% in the third and up 19% in the fourth*. It then compares the final value of an initial $100,000 using those first four returns with the index in year five dropping 20% and 30%, […]

Taxable Bond Funds & Fixed Index Annuity Returns


What fixed index annuities and bond mutual funds share in common is they both earn interest and are affected by moves in interest rates. This chart compares the actual five year annualized returns for fixed index annuities and taxable bonds funds for the last five periods. The chart speaks for itself. The yearly fixed index […]